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Below is a small selection of dramas that I have written, directed and edited.  I have, and always will, be inspired by the power of imagination!



Toby awakes one morning to find his life turned upside down

by the onset of a very strange illness, or so he thinks…



The Head V The Heart is a short, slightly surreal comedy about unrequited love.

It’s Sarah’s birthday party, and Sam is trying to find the courage to ask her out for a drink,

but before he can, he must first resolve the conflict between his head and his heart…LITERALLY!



The first in a series of comedy virals I wrote and directed to promote a Youth Health charity.

A rude girl drug dealer tries to sell a ridiculous sounding drug to an unsuspecting party-goer.


Comedy viral 2.  A girl tries everything she can think of, to cheer up a depressed friend.


At the funeral of her much loved Grandfather, 8 year old Zoe doesn’t really understand

the meaning of the last rites, particularly the bit about being made of earth! They do however

spark a brilliant idea, and the next day she sets about trying to grow him back to life!

A light-hearted little film I made for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

A dog and a cat share their stories of how they came to be at Battersea,

and the experiences they had whilst there. Aimed at 5 – 11 year olds.